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The Joseph A. Ferko String Band would like to congratulate one of our longest tenured members,           a member whose dedication is truly unparalleled,

our Brother, Mr. Michael Caputo, Jr., on his

induction into the


Philadelphia Mummers String Band Association 

Old Timers Hall of Fame.

The Caputo family has been an integral part of

the Joseph A. Ferko String Band for

93 of our 99 years...

to date.

The Joseph A. Ferko String Band, was founded in

1922. In 1928, Mr. Michael Caputo, Sr. joined the

band, he was a member until he passed in 2001.


In 1962, his son, Michael Caputo, Jr. joined the

ranks, where he continues today to contribute to

the organization, to work for the band, and perform any

task needed to benefit Ferko.











Pictured Left - Mike Sr -violin, Mike Jr - accordion.

Mike Jr.'s first NY's parade with Ferko -

1963  - "The Bowery"


During his close to 59 years, as a member,

Michael Caputo, Jr., has only missed performing

with the band while serving our Country in the

United States Army.

Both, Michael Caputo, Sr. and Michael Caputo, Jr. are Gold Card – Lifetime members, as well as 50 year members of the Joseph A. Ferko String Band.

Michael Caputo, Jr. is that role model of the quintessential Ferko Gentlemen for the entire membership to follow, aspire to be, and to emulate.

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